I bought this 71 Commando in 2006, here’s some shots a few weeks after the purchase.
Even though I’ve been busting my ass all week I’m feeling like it doesn’t look much different now?
Hopefully we’ll get it back on wheels this weekend, I really want to build some pipes.

JT Racing Series II
Race 1
Glen Helen Raceway
I had every intension of skipping this months race, I have a bunch of frame work to finish on the Norton, I have another metal sliver in my eye & I hadn’t touched my race bike since last month. A text from Bob at 6:00 the night before about how pleasant the weather was and it all turned into race prep scramble.
It was hot as Hell, I moved up a class only to ride shitty, but any day on the bike is a good day and I had fun.
The new trophies are collector mugs featuring an attending honored historic rider and this month was Gary Faxon, I’ve had little conversation with Gary but it is very clear to me that he’s the “gentlemans racer” who carries himself with a lot of class. It was great to see him as the honored Pro.
The Premier Class is up to four great old twins and growing, I’m thinking that might be a fun second class to run, We’ll see.

The JJ

Yesterday I got to mess around with the first production samples of the JJ & I’m liking it.


Jake & Jakes Shovel making a BCM air cleaner look good.

Thanks Jake.


She’s a hypnotist.
 I’m busy

A lesson in style & craftsmanship.

link: CroCustoms


Ken shuts down SF in Gymkhana 5
Jumping through a turn at the 5:40 mark is just insane.


With the exception of shipping some orders I took last week off to enjoy the holiday, hang out with family & actually ride a motorcycle, so I’ll be returning any & all phone calls, emails, faxes, texts, IM’s, telegraphs & smoke signals today.



I was struggling a bit with the steering stops on this Norton, I ended up with this & a downtube gusset came along with it.
Although I finally got to use those dimple dies I bought last year the whole thing will probably go unnoticed.