FREESTYLIN’ Retrospective Book

I went from a Western Pennsylvania BMX grom who worshipped this magazine to gracing it’s pages, in my head that’s the stuff dreams are made of. 
Thanks for hooking me up Lew.

Labor Day Ribs

On Saturday I found myself unmotivated to work on bikes, house, or my yard, but I did feel like eating & I have been wanting to do some ribs all summer. My job was the meat, BBQ sauce, & Beer. FYI, It’s about a ten beer (4 hour) ordeal as I noticed only two left on Sunday morning, so be prepared. The Ribs recipe I put together from trial and error over the years but the biggest tip I found is you cannot rush them. “Slow & Low that is the tempo”.
I picked the Vodka BBQ Sauce recipe for dipping & mopping from the BBQ Pit Boys site Bob had turned me on to. It was OK but I think I’ll try some of their other sauce recipes.
The girls made some mac & cheese, spinach/mango salad,the ribs were sweet, delicious, & didn’t last long.
It’s easy,You do…