Stoked On BMX.

My nephew Sean finished up his AZ state points chase over the weekend putting him in second for the year. Thanks for keeping the dream alive Sean & I’m liking the murdered out INTENSE your riding. I am a Proud uncle.

R100/7 Moving Along

Well we’re slowly figuring out the BMW’s beauty lies in it’s simplicity & my old Ducati Monster seat is going to fit nicely. I’m looking forward to making a new sub frame.

We also found the riders left side exhaust threads jacked. Anyone have a head for  78 R100/7 or know someone who repairs these things?

Can’t Miss Upcoming Events

I hear the Cycle Zombie kids are good people & their rally/skatejam/bbq is coming up soon.

FBM knows how to party & jam too! 

Make sure you check out the Athlete Lounge & the Interactive Village. 
I’ll have to attend this one via the interweb but if your in the area hit it up & High five Mr. Crandallsmith for me.

We’re riding to this one so mark your calendar Boys.


My Friend Bill Bryant waiting for a pick up just east of Indio, Ca. Bill suffered some electrical problems returning from  Atomic Customs Ground Zero event in NM. 
Awesome ingenuity as usual Bill!

Same Spot

The “Mad Dog” getting coverage & collecting checks…

Huntington Beach Spot 90-92ish?

Last thursday I came across this photo Chris Moeller had shot at this odd but fun spot in HB. It has been bugging me what we called this place. It was some sort of canal pump house. 
No one ever bothered or kicked us out & it had lights so it was good day or night.
Then I check email on Saturday and my friend Maryanne had sent two more photos from the same spot???? 
Anyone remember?


1983 Coaster Wheelies

Tuff wheels with a coaster brake & a full head of hair made for nice lofty coaster wheelies.


Olga the Beemer, tear down.

Paul named her “Olga”which brought the image of an older, Burly, woman to my mind. Well, until I did a Google search.
The lovely Olga Kurylenko

There’s some really cool details on these bikes. The factory steering damper is genius, but the hidden cable activated remote front master cylinder is over the top.