Ryan Smith’s Shovel

I love this bike.
I believe Ryan bought it complete from those Oakland based bad asses , rode the hell out of it, had a run in with a road sign, then took some time to heal up and rebuilt it himself.
Looks Good Ryan, hope to see you rollin PCH.

Sunday Afternoon R100/7 Progress

A whole lot of cleaning, polishing, bullshit, & beer going  on. Get down here Bob we have bikes to build.

Another Nice Commando from the El Camino Swap

My Favorite Bike at the 33rd Annual El Camino Swap Meet

I love the idea of redesigning/modernizing old bikes way more than a restorations, It’s just my thing, here’s one of the best I’ve seen. This bike started life as a 1976 Norton Commando MK3, all the amazing work was done by Vintage Motorbikes click to see the full build story & Pictures. However finding someone to kick down the asking price $58000.00 may be a s hard as the build itself? 

Romania Street Racing

Street racing is very much popular in Romania, have a look.

I Love the Change of Seasons.

Sweater season is almost upon us.

Birth of a Street Tracker.

McGoo and Willis are in the middle of this CB450 based Street Tracker build.
Man this thing looks like it’s going to be a super fun ride.
keep us updated Mcgoo.
(edit) Sorry if my smart ass post got your build thread pulled from the hypocrisy that is the Jockey Journal. You know some of those moderators and their pleasant demeanors. Of course this is just the opinion of one man, Me. There’s always the Metric Underground.

Go Steve Go….

This is getting interesting !

Hey Rouser

Otto Nero

I love the Otto Nero blog. There’s always great bikes with a sprinkle of hot woman. I wish I could read it.