Owen Nieder is one of those friends that when he does something it’s usually at full throttle, regardless of the consequences & all in the name of fun. If it works out he’s amped and immediately ready to give it a go again. If it doesn’t, well maybe the next time he’ll back it off a little.
After quite a long hiatus Owens back on the tarmac & no doubt ringing out that 748.
Rubber side down please.

Owen’s Del Mar Skate Ranch site: HERE

Bucky’s Bowl-B-Q

I can’t get enough of this place.
Paul skated all day & took home some coin. He said enough to get his foot in the door at the chiropractor.

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McGoo Full Circle

Lisa Ballard posted this photo she shot of McGoo over on the Cycle Source blog.
It reminded me of the last time he thought the perm was a good idea.
1998 Niemans in Carlsbad.

Moto Itch, It’s killing me.

Every few months I get the itch & for the last week or so I’ve been jonzing Extra hard!
I miss moto more than anything that I can recall ever losing or had taken away from me.
I miss getting new bikes every year, I miss building them, dialing them in, making them fit like an extension of your body. I miss the feeling of putting together a rhythm section for the first time, doing that new jump, pounding out laps and racing around with friends.
There’s nothing like peeling off dripping wet gear in the Inland Empires August heat only to climb in the truck and continue to sweat the whole way down the 15 fwy and being incredibly content with it.
For many many years I knew exactly what I was going to do every weekend, it was a given and everyone in my life knew it.
Well my body told me in a very loud voice that it had enough abuse so phased out motocross the best I could.
Now a days when I get the itch all I have to do is look at my x-ray photos and reminisce of what a good time all those injuries were and it all goes away; Well for a few months.

Shovelhead Points Covers

I was on points cover duty all weekend.
The last 10 of the finned design shovel bolt pattern covers are done, I’ll get to the sporty versions early this week but not until I get some sort of respirator. I feel like shit after inhaling a giant cocktail of aluminum, flap wheel dust & polishing compound for two days.
Also expect a pricing change as we actually had to purchase material for this run.

Maximum Bob Down & Out, Again.

It seems like Bob can’t win!
A cracked valve has him in tear down mode all over again.

Blog Slack = Progress

Sorry for the lack of posts this week but for the first time in a long time I’ve been able to mostly concentrate on my own bike and it’s been super fun. The kind of fun that makes it hard to sleep at night because you just want to get back at it.
I finally have the tank mounted to my liking, the new Biltwell Stainless seat hinge welded up, wheel spacing dialed in and few other random weldings finished up.
First thing Monday, a Time Sert installed in the rear head for the upper motor mount, set & weld the fender mounts, on & on.
I’m really unsure on a paint direction for this bike?
The second run of Bench*Mark finned points covers are machined, media blasted & ready for me to give them some love. There’s 10 sportster bolt pattern & 10 shovel. This will probably be the last of the finned covers as we’re ready for a different design.
I’ll be posting them in the Chop Cult classifieds and letting everyone know when here on BCM.
Good weekend to you.

Is the last of the V8 interceptors?

Nike Tunnel Jam

All the Amer-asian blues