Crazy Orange

My friend Matt turned me on to the site/shop.
If your looking for inspiration wether it be a mild, ground up, old or new they have some clean bikes.

There’s A Lot Going On! It’s A Damn Busy Weekend!

Realistically I see myself making it to 2 of the 4.
I’d like to work on something this week.
We’ll see.

Pastrana vs Block – game of S.U.C.K (NitroCircus Season 2 EP8)

So Frances & I are walking around Chelsea Market in Manhattan and who do we run into, Ken & Lucy Block grabbing some lunch with their kids.

Ken was between rallies and they’d decided to stay in NYC. It was nice to catch up we hadn’t seen them in a while.
Random though?


Friend of BCM Chris Collins is diligently working on a new start up called 70 Moto.
SeventyMoto will be a west coast based manufacturer and wholesaler of custom motorcycle parts and accessories company.
We’re looking forward to working with Chris as he’s a good dude.

Escape From NY.

We’re finally home from New York.
Thanks to Everyone who made it a great trip.
I read SB#4 on the plane, Once again good stuff from Gary & Ben.
Normal activity resumes, Now…

An Afternoon With FlatIron Mike.

So I’m in New York for a wedding and figured that’s all I’d be doing on this trip, I was wrong.
I had Friday free so FlatIron Mike picked me up, gave me the local tour, checked out his bikes and projects, Then headed out for some lunch.
First stop The Colony Grill in Stamford CT. The Colony makes amazing hot oil pizza so we had a couple hot/sweet pepper pies with a few pitchers.
After the colony we headed over to the local Eagles club, signed the books, shot some pool and a few more beers. I hadn’t seen Mike since EDR2 in 07 and it was great to catch up and being back in couple of a real drinking bars with some history, patron support & good locals made me miss living back east.
Thanks Mike for one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a while.

Art of Rebellion NYC.

Friday evening Walter called & hooked me up to get down to HD’s art show deal. I met up with him & Cool Beans Chris,
Scout was at the door and that’s when the fun began.
We ended up hanging with Jeff & Chris from Street Chopper,
PBR tall boys were flowing like the Hudson.
Once the show wound down we met up with FMA Grant and Harpoon at the
Trailer Park Bar & Grill.
Where I didn’t last very long and had to get back to the hotel in hopes of being in some sort of decent shape for the wedding the next day.

At this point in the night my vision was similar to this photo.

Art of Rebellion NYC #2


MMM…. Welcome Home Old Friend.

I’m enjoying the beautiful New York weather for a few days & I may or may not be posting.

Indian Speed Runner

I try not to thieve content but sometimes there’s great things that need sharing, Like this Dave Iversen 41 Indian via the Bike EXIF site.
Check out the build, stats & El Mirage photos: Iversen Originals