The Wild and Wonderful Whites

I was already a big fan of the Salinas metal farmers but the Jesco tribute ad in the new Dice takes it to a new level.

(SOLD) One Off Weekend #2 Super E/G

I did up the one in the top photo for this week but it got scooped up before I had a chance to post.
The version below is up in the store ready to go.
I posted it polished but if you want it tumbled I can do that too, just email me after purchase.

I’m not going to do this every week but I wanted to do this one up before the holiday.

Old Dirt Mod

The original silencer on my old RM125 was thrashed, so I found a late 90’s stainless Pro circuit unit on the e bay for $8.
I ended up not only fitting the slip joint but I had cut the can way down. Then cut & drilled a SS bracket and spring loop.
Much better.
I’m hoping for a little more bottom end out of this pig.

Dialing in

Dialing in the old dirt bike today, we’re going riding!
Did you have an ATC250R?
Check it out, link: NOS

New Slap Tags Are Here

Want a couple?


The F-Box

In it’s infancy.
The finished product probably won’t look anything like this but you get the idea.



This bike is worth a repost just on the looks like fun to ride factor.