BCM Now Available at Lowbrow Customs

The Crew at Lowbrow always has you covered.

Packing, Shipping, Driving Today

Long Beach Swap Tomorrow

Sunday 11-13-2011
Stop by and see Josh at the Lowbrow booth he’ll have some BCM stuff for you to check out.

CV One Off Weekend (SOLD)

I’ve always wanted offer up stuff like this, so every now & again or when time allows I will.
Here’s the first installment of “One Off Weekend”
There is and will be only one of these.
Obviously a different style lid from the “Pinner” and “Ribsey”. the whole thing has been completely hand massaged by me, including chamfering each hole in the cage, with a polished and then tumbled finish.

This one is for a CV carburetor.

It’s up for grabs in the online store: BCMMoto.Bigcartel

Tiny Tit Mutilation

I got a little carried away with the After Hours Tiny Tit taillight.
It’s a bit smaller & now mounts in two pieces instead of three.
Sorry Gabe.
I have one more detail to figure out so you’ll probably see it again.

Many Many Thank You’s

74’s Forever Cast Aluminum Regulators

Real nice!
Check them out.


Six months ago I was hell bent on walking away from all of this and had every intention of doing so.
After going through what was basically an intervention conducted by my closest friends & family, I decided to give the parts business another go.
I realized not only do we have quite a few new things that will be super fun to bring to life, I also had some existing ideas that were never put to use.
These are them.
“It’s just a pinner Ribsey”

We’re including a slotted dome bolt as well as the flat head socket bolt with every air cleaner so you can change up the flavor a bit.
Thanks Troy.

We chose a high percentage open area stainless cage that allows more air flow to pass through quickly and easily.


Both Styles are currently available for S&S Super E/G, CV & Linkert Carburetors.

Uni Filter Element

During the AC project we developed a great relationship with the guys at Uni Filter together we came up with right foam density for a BCM propriety big twin filter element. Uni filter cuts and glues the filter specifically for us to ensure the best fit.