Out of Gas, Michael!

A BCM Mobile post

2 Finger

I had big plans for MBob yesterday but immediately got sidetracked.
Two finger ring for the Bean.


Need some inspiration, check out Toddy’s work.
He’s up there with the best of them.

Maintenance, Always Maintenance.

Yesterday I found out I was nearly out of brakes.
When I used to get new bikes every year I’d bring them home, tear them down to the frame leaving just the motor in & make it mine.
One of the things I always did is pull the calipers clean up the castings, cut off all the cheap Christmas trash, polish the shoe guide pins, drain the whale blubber brake fluid they shipped the bike with and put the good stuff in.
 I had to replace the shoes anyway so today I gave this bike the same treatment.  
Riding these bikes I always figured I was going to get hurt no matter what, everybody does and I didn’t want equipment failure to be the reason. 
It worked, every time I’ve found myself in the ER it was my fault not the bike.
Enough MX, Back to building bikes (maybe).

2012 SX Season

This Saturday marks the first race of the 2012 SX season, Anaheim 1.
For the first time in many years there’s 5 or 6 guys that can win on any given night & if everyone stays healthy it should be a great season.
It’s supposed to be 86º today so I’m going to the track.

Wanted Thin D-Rings

Got em, Thanks.

I’m looking for a set of thin D Rings in good usable shape.

Love Cycles 3 Year Anniversary.

This is going to be a fun weekend.
link: Love Cyles

Webco Plug Wrench

39 years ago I was messing around with my bicycle in the garage while my father was digging around for something or other (non MC related) and I said “hey Dad I really want to get a motorcycle”.
He grumbled something and kept digging through a box.
While I kept pushing the issue, he found what he was looking for, walked over to me and said well, when you get that bike you might need this and handed me this plug keeper/wrench.
I was stoked, I remember thinking now all I need is a bike and for his sake it did shut me up for a couple of weeks.
I told him the other day I saw these things going for $300 plus on the ebay.
He said “you know I was just letting you borrow it.”

New Dealers

KickStart Cycle Supply & Drag Strip Racer Australia have come on board as dealers for BCM Parts & Accessories and we’re glad to have them.
Support the good guys.

TWO Days….

The culprit, A random burr on the float valve, never saw that before?
Oil, filter & fresh rubber

Two days of carburetor Hell.
Tear down, reassemble, tear down, reassemble, tear down, reassemble.