Seeley Norton

This Seeley Norton was built by Kenny Cummings and Dan Rose.
Check out this amazing build: Seeley Norton website.

MS69 & The JJ AC

Tumbled prototype thin style JJ air cleaner & stainless carb bracket.

Cleaning Out My Hard Drive.

This was the day after a big rain back in 2000, Bob & I took the Attex 500 SuperChief out to Lake Elsinore.
I think that’s when we decided a 500cc twin cylinder 2 stroke was way too much for a vehicle with no suspension or seat belts, I sold it shortly after that.


MS69 pipe done

MS69 – Pipe

I need to make a bracket, the seam in the center needs welded, then throw on some high temp spray bomb.
I should’ve taken a “before” photo.



Just a little trim.

Cone Pipe

I’ve always wanted a cone pipe. 
Interweb pal Doug Childress has me one of his hand made beauties on it’s way for my RM125.

The End Of A Fine Day