A Bit Down & Out

I’m three weeks into a grade 2 calf strain from a misfire kick on cold morning,
 2 weeks on a smashed thumb via a ball peen hammer and it’s all taking it’s toll. 
Both are way more of hassle than I’d like to be dealing with right now
 and much more pain than I think should be involved with both mishaps. 
I had to miss the first round of the So Cal Vintage Series, 
I’m not sure I’ll be able to kick my bike over for the another 3 weeks
 not to mention the day to day.
My whiny doldrums am not stoked.

Trey Canard and Ryan Morais, Dodger Stadium 2/21/12

Both suffered several vertebrae fractures, 
Morias added a broken jaw & some broken ribs.
No sign of cord damage.
Take it easy out there guys.

Let’s go riding.


this guy?

I don’t know,

, but I’m thinking if I had a 37 Drake water cooled knucklehead in my back pocket it would’ve been the bike I built for, say, a vegas circus?
link: JJ

You Could Throw A Blanket Over Them

B.Hunt Photo

Speed Shop Design LLC

I like watching Mr. Flechtners work come to life.

Perris Raceway est.1957

The other day Mike and I went to Perris raceway to mess around on the track & on the way in Mike noticed the sign read the oldest track in So Cal.
This morning I stumbled across this link with some of the history and a couple pages of photos, I’ve been going there for years and had no idea. 
Pretty cool stuff.